Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hoya carnosa on the mountain

We recently bought a little house at Tamborine Mountain which is an hours drive south of Brisbane. Its a retreat we'd like to share with family and friends in the years ahead. To our delight we found this well established Hoya carnosa growing up this large tree fern. It has countless blooms and seems perfectly suited to its host. There are lots of spots where we can grow some of the more cold tolerant Hoyas and we have a greenhouse there to house some of the more tropical ones over winter.

Some more summer blooms

This is our first bloom of Hoya C.V." Krimson Queen" I love the way the new foliage matches the flower. Over on the fence we have two nice little blooms on Hoya C.V. "Minibelle" which seems quite happy in late morning dappled sunlight.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Hoya lacunosa

This Hoya lacunosa has lots of blooms at the moment. Its normal habit is to hang down in the pot, but because its in a wall pot on the side of the house its happily creeping up on the wall (Ivy style.) This flower has a lovely fragrance. It's nice to see three blooms in a row.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Some blooms this Spring

These are my first blooms of Hoya macgillivrayi, I must say I was quite impressed by the size of the flowers. No wonder its a favourite with people. Hoya obscura looks happily at home under the pergola, the flowers are very dainty but attractive. I was glad I placed the Hoya carnosa at the base of our potted fig tree. It think the foliage of the fig makes a nice backdrop for the Carnosa blooms.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Hoya Pottsii Sp. 'Chiang Mai' & Hoya merrillii

Well, Spring is here and Hoya buds are popping up all over. I've posted a bloom of Hoya pottsii "Chaing Mai" the top one is just as the buds were forming and the second one in full bloom. Jennifer a contributer to Dave's Garden had question about the flower and also the possible similarities between the leaves on H.pottsii (3rd down) and H.merrillii (last image) I've found on these two plants of mine the leaves tend to curve the opposite way, and also the leaves of H. merrillii get a reddish tinge in brighter light.

Monday, August 06, 2007

winter leaves

We've had quite a cold winter this year, and we are eagerly looking forward to the Spring. In the absence of Hoya blooms we have been enjoying some nice coloured leaves which are the result of the bright Winter light we get here. From the top left clockwise.... H. pottsii. H. anulata. H. mindorensis. H. camphorifolia.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Latest flowers

This H. pubicalyx "Pink silver" has flowered again on the same peduncle, it seems to get better with each bloom. The top flower is supposed to be H. gracilis, it was one of my first purchases and labelled with this name. I am starting to wonder if it is actually H. davidcummingii. I should post it on one of the forums and get an opinion maybe. These two are worth a click to enlarge.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Little epiphyte ball.

This little ball of green goodies started out as one of those cane balls that Ikea used to sell. Its been stuffed with organic matter and wrapped in old elkhorn leaves. I've added little bits of plants to it over time, Elkhorn ferns , Bromeliads, succulents etc. On the large shot you wouldn't be able to spot the small Hoya cuttings, so I've taken a close up. H. serpens. H. curtisii. H. heuschkeliana. It should be interesting once they start to grow.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hoya wayetii bloom.

This is the first Bloom of our Hoya Wayetii just starting to open. It's a very striking little flower, I really like this Hoya even when not flowering, it has such beautiful foliage with dark outline on the edge of the leaves, a great plant for a hanging pot or basket. It's vigilance time at the moment lots of aphids and caterpillars on the prowl, so it's regular inspections before they do to much damage. Just one of the little downsides of growing Hoyas outdoors I suppose.

Another list of Hoyas

My apologies for being a little slack in posting over the last month or so. I'll try and complete my list of hoyas soon.... here's a few more for the time being. I've met some interesting Hoya collectors since I've been doing the markets. One gentleman by the name of Rudy had a collection of 200 species and he used to be in the Australian open garden scheme. I can imagine it would be quite a spectacular display. Then there was someone else who had a collection of a 100 and had sold them all except one. I couldn't resist having a joke with him, asking if he had to go into re-hab. Anyway here's the names of the next nine. I think Hilary will only get2/9 this time

37 H. sipitangensis.
38 H. Imperialis.
39 H. meliflua.
40 H. longifolia.
41 H. acuta.
42 H. longipenduculata. ( unpublished name)
43 H. deykei.
44 H. Aff. vitellina.
45 H. kenjeniana.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Pink silver in the morning sun

Sitting in the garden early morning I spotted this H."pink silver catching the sunlight behind.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

H. subquintuplinervis has flowered again.

When I first started growing Hoyas, I can remember reading that one had to be careful not to remove the peduncle because the plant would invariably flower again at the same point. I thought at the time that must mean in the next season. So I've been pleasantly surprised to have three of my Hoyas flower twice on the same peduncle within a month. At the moment H. carnosa is repeat flowering too. It would be great if I could get a seed pod, the two plants are close by so the bees might do a little something.

More Hoyas

28. H. australis ssp. australis.
29. H. australis ssp. tenuipes.
30. H. australis "Brookfield" ( David L. lists this one as the best)
31. H. australis "Bamboo Range" Qld.
32. H. arnottiana.
33. H. picta.
34. H. loherii.
35. H. bhutanica.
36. H. obscura.
For best view click on picture, and then click again for larger still.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Hoyas again.

19. H. nummularioides.
20. H. limoniaca
21. H. curtisii ( Philippines "small leaf")
22. H. nabuanensis.
23. H. curtisii (Thailand "larger leaf")
24. H. revoluta.
25. H. wayettii.
26. H. eitapensis.
27. H. kanyakumariana.

Friday, January 05, 2007

More Hoyas.

I'll try and fit in little bits of Hoya news in between my effort to catalogue all the Hoyas.
For anyone who was able to read my post "rescued Hoya" I visited the nursery that had the sick hoya. Sadly it has gone..... I hope the man took my advice and took a cutting, but I think that may have been too late. This was definately one hoya that didn't thrive on neglect.
So on to the list... The first two on the collage are the only other ones that have flowered so far. So hopefully lots more to look forward to.

10. H. hueschkeliana. "Pink"
11. H. tsangii.
12. H. serpens.
13. H. magnifica.
14. H. pauciflora.
15. H. odorata.
16. H. naumanii.
17. H. mindorensis.
18. H. Aff. rubida.