Friday, January 05, 2007

More Hoyas.

I'll try and fit in little bits of Hoya news in between my effort to catalogue all the Hoyas.
For anyone who was able to read my post "rescued Hoya" I visited the nursery that had the sick hoya. Sadly it has gone..... I hope the man took my advice and took a cutting, but I think that may have been too late. This was definately one hoya that didn't thrive on neglect.
So on to the list... The first two on the collage are the only other ones that have flowered so far. So hopefully lots more to look forward to.

10. H. hueschkeliana. "Pink"
11. H. tsangii.
12. H. serpens.
13. H. magnifica.
14. H. pauciflora.
15. H. odorata.
16. H. naumanii.
17. H. mindorensis.
18. H. Aff. rubida.


Hilary said...

Hey Roy! Just came past to see if you'd posted anything more, and yay, you have! Doing the "guess the hoya game" I got heushkeliana and odorata right, although odorata came out as "that one that might now begin with c that I killed" (apparently odorata is probably cembra...)
I found yet another hoya blog this week - blog, hope you find it interesting.
Got over the cold, and hopefully the chest infection too, but fell off my bike today - oops, but only grazed!

MrBrownThumb said...

Very nice My favorite has to be the one in the upper right hand corner.

roybe said...

Yes it's one of my favourites too. Its a great little Hoya if you have a reasonably shady spot and it likes to be on the moist side. I'll visit you again soon to see if you've caught the Hoya bug.

Sigruns German Garden said...

Ah, you are also working with picasa! I like your collage.


Ewelina said...

Hi Roy, Lovely photos and you have great ideas for display! Wish I had more place and be able to grow my Hoyas outside like you...