Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hoya babies

When H pachyclada and H. subquintuplinervis flowered together in the same basket (top) I was hopeful that I might get a seedpod on one of them. So I was delighted when each of them produced one. H. pachyclada ( 2nd down) and H.subquintuplinervis (3rd down) They both grew to about 8cm. long, and seemed to be taking ages to mature. When we went away after Christmas we came back to find they had burst open. Fortunately it had only just happened and I was able to plant about 25 of each seed in seed trays with a mix of potting mix and peat moss. After about a week the seedlings started to pop up. I hope they will survive, its very humid at the moment and from what I've read rotting out seems to be the main danger. Anyway it remains to be seen if any cross pollination has taken place. Seedlings of H. subquintuplinervis are (4th down) and H.pachyclada (bottom)