Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A few more Hoya happenings

Hoya carnosa certainly manages to get through the smallest spaces. Somehow it squeezed through the front beam of our verandah and clinging to the ceiling sent out a bloom. Another Hoya carnosa with a string of blooms on our back fence trellis. Third shot down is Hoya nummularoides probably our last bloom before Winter sets in. Next is Hoya obscura which has been flowering fairly constantly through the Summer. Finally one of our latest purchases from David and Iris Liddle Hoya sp Kalimantan IML 1168 regarded as the very best of the two toned leaf species. This really is a beautiful plant as you can see.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Late summer blooms

From the top. Hoya mindorensis in bud and flowering. I love everything about Hoyas, the leaves, the buds and flowers. Hoya multiflora the flowers on this plant seemed to last for ages.
Hoya padangensis nothing spectacular, but quite attractive poking out of the shadow. Hoya naumanii this is a first time bloomer for us, and possible in our top ten of favourites.