Monday, October 08, 2007

Hoya Pottsii Sp. 'Chiang Mai' & Hoya merrillii

Well, Spring is here and Hoya buds are popping up all over. I've posted a bloom of Hoya pottsii "Chaing Mai" the top one is just as the buds were forming and the second one in full bloom. Jennifer a contributer to Dave's Garden had question about the flower and also the possible similarities between the leaves on H.pottsii (3rd down) and H.merrillii (last image) I've found on these two plants of mine the leaves tend to curve the opposite way, and also the leaves of H. merrillii get a reddish tinge in brighter light.


Hilary said...

Gorgeous flowers as always Roy! Do they smell good? Those merrillii leaves look quite big - is that just an illusion?

roybe said...

Hi Hilary, just a faint perfume from memory. Probably more so early morning and night. Yes the merrillii leaves are quite large, I love the glossiness.

Calvin Brock said...

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