Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hoya Heuschkeliana

We were given our first Hoya by Larraines mum a number of years ago. This was a Hoya Carnosa traditionally Known as the "Heirloom Hoya" quite often handed down through families, hence the name. We have since potted cuttings on and given them to Tim and Kate and Peter and Sarah. So dear gran's Hoya is with the next generation. When ours first flowered I have to confess to being quite taken with it (I'm a bit of a garden tragic I think I'm taken with anything that flowers) and since then I've added a number to our collection.
I've started a fresh blog to keep a record of each one as they flower and to take blog friends to different parts of the garden where we have them planted.
This is Hoya Heuschkeliana and it originates from the Phillipines, It's a miniature Hoya suitable for hanging baskets, the little pink flowers are about 5mm dia and they can get up to 12 flowers per umbel, the flowers give off a lovely fragrance. There is also a yellow flowering variety.
For our records this Hoya started flowering the 2nd week of July 2006.