Sunday, January 14, 2007

More Hoyas

28. H. australis ssp. australis.
29. H. australis ssp. tenuipes.
30. H. australis "Brookfield" ( David L. lists this one as the best)
31. H. australis "Bamboo Range" Qld.
32. H. arnottiana.
33. H. picta.
34. H. loherii.
35. H. bhutanica.
36. H. obscura.
For best view click on picture, and then click again for larger still.


Sandy said...

Roy, another lovely collage of photos!.....can you give me any advice on growing H. bhutanica?..i received a one node cutting last summer with one was the fastest to root but has not grown one bit since...i am stumped!

Sandy said...

Roy, after i wrote the last post, my bhutanica sprouted a new vine, way over on the opposite side of the pot and has 4 new leaves, what a crazy little plant!...Your collection of hoyas is growing..they all look healthy and beautiful..