Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Some blooms this Spring

These are my first blooms of Hoya macgillivrayi, I must say I was quite impressed by the size of the flowers. No wonder its a favourite with people. Hoya obscura looks happily at home under the pergola, the flowers are very dainty but attractive. I was glad I placed the Hoya carnosa at the base of our potted fig tree. It think the foliage of the fig makes a nice backdrop for the Carnosa blooms.


MANUELA said...

Congratulations!!!. This flowers are fantastics.

I'm Manuela from Spain and I've learn a lot about hoyas with your blog.

Just now I'm starting with my blog about hoya, cactus, suculents, etc. and I hope to show some beautiful flowers like you ones.

Now I only have some plants and a lot of cuttings. I enjoy a lot with them.

Kind regards from Mallorca, Spain.


roybe said...

Thanks Manuela, I look forward to visiting your blog and enjoying your plants.


Richard said...

Hi Rob

I was searching for local Hoya spp, especially linked to people living in Brisabne, and so came across your site!

I have recently moved to Brisbane (Tingalpa) and woud like to grow native Australian Hoyas. I have H. potsii, H. australis (not sure which forms).

I was most interested in your image of H. macgillivrayi! I wondred if you have any for sale or could let me know where i could locate one?

Thankyou for sharing your collection, it looks impressive....maybe i will move onto the exotic one day.