Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Little epiphyte ball.

This little ball of green goodies started out as one of those cane balls that Ikea used to sell. Its been stuffed with organic matter and wrapped in old elkhorn leaves. I've added little bits of plants to it over time, Elkhorn ferns , Bromeliads, succulents etc. On the large shot you wouldn't be able to spot the small Hoya cuttings, so I've taken a close up. H. serpens. H. curtisii. H. heuschkeliana. It should be interesting once they start to grow.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hoya wayetii bloom.

This is the first Bloom of our Hoya Wayetii just starting to open. It's a very striking little flower, I really like this Hoya even when not flowering, it has such beautiful foliage with dark outline on the edge of the leaves, a great plant for a hanging pot or basket. It's vigilance time at the moment lots of aphids and caterpillars on the prowl, so it's regular inspections before they do to much damage. Just one of the little downsides of growing Hoyas outdoors I suppose.

Another list of Hoyas

My apologies for being a little slack in posting over the last month or so. I'll try and complete my list of hoyas soon.... here's a few more for the time being. I've met some interesting Hoya collectors since I've been doing the markets. One gentleman by the name of Rudy had a collection of 200 species and he used to be in the Australian open garden scheme. I can imagine it would be quite a spectacular display. Then there was someone else who had a collection of a 100 and had sold them all except one. I couldn't resist having a joke with him, asking if he had to go into re-hab. Anyway here's the names of the next nine. I think Hilary will only get2/9 this time

37 H. sipitangensis.
38 H. Imperialis.
39 H. meliflua.
40 H. longifolia.
41 H. acuta.
42 H. longipenduculata. ( unpublished name)
43 H. deykei.
44 H. Aff. vitellina.
45 H. kenjeniana.