Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Another list of Hoyas

My apologies for being a little slack in posting over the last month or so. I'll try and complete my list of hoyas soon.... here's a few more for the time being. I've met some interesting Hoya collectors since I've been doing the markets. One gentleman by the name of Rudy had a collection of 200 species and he used to be in the Australian open garden scheme. I can imagine it would be quite a spectacular display. Then there was someone else who had a collection of a 100 and had sold them all except one. I couldn't resist having a joke with him, asking if he had to go into re-hab. Anyway here's the names of the next nine. I think Hilary will only get2/9 this time

37 H. sipitangensis.
38 H. Imperialis.
39 H. meliflua.
40 H. longifolia.
41 H. acuta.
42 H. longipenduculata. ( unpublished name)
43 H. deykei.
44 H. Aff. vitellina.
45 H. kenjeniana.


Hilary said...

No, in fact I was being rubbish and got zero. I did think the Imperialis looked like my one but then guessed it was multiflora instead. Rubbish.

Purple said...

Love to meet any hoya collectors in Australia :))

I recently moved to Aus and have to leave my collection back :(

roybe said...

We live on Tamborine Mt. Queensland.

Regards Roy