Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hoya carnosa on the mountain

We recently bought a little house at Tamborine Mountain which is an hours drive south of Brisbane. Its a retreat we'd like to share with family and friends in the years ahead. To our delight we found this well established Hoya carnosa growing up this large tree fern. It has countless blooms and seems perfectly suited to its host. There are lots of spots where we can grow some of the more cold tolerant Hoyas and we have a greenhouse there to house some of the more tropical ones over winter.

Some more summer blooms

This is our first bloom of Hoya C.V." Krimson Queen" I love the way the new foliage matches the flower. Over on the fence we have two nice little blooms on Hoya C.V. "Minibelle" which seems quite happy in late morning dappled sunlight.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Hoya lacunosa

This Hoya lacunosa has lots of blooms at the moment. Its normal habit is to hang down in the pot, but because its in a wall pot on the side of the house its happily creeping up on the wall (Ivy style.) This flower has a lovely fragrance. It's nice to see three blooms in a row.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Some blooms this Spring

These are my first blooms of Hoya macgillivrayi, I must say I was quite impressed by the size of the flowers. No wonder its a favourite with people. Hoya obscura looks happily at home under the pergola, the flowers are very dainty but attractive. I was glad I placed the Hoya carnosa at the base of our potted fig tree. It think the foliage of the fig makes a nice backdrop for the Carnosa blooms.