Wednesday, February 13, 2008

experiments with logs and elkhorns

I love to experiment with the smaller growing Hoyas on some of the logs we have around the garden. The logs make for a nice bromeliad display and most are hollow and have 50mm. dia. holes drilled in them and make a refuge for our frog and skink population. The top photo has Hoya heuschkeliana on the left just beginning to cascade down the log and soon should obscure the frog entrance. This smaller growing Hoya has a small pink urn shaped flower. In the centre log just below and in between the two bromeliads is Hoya lacunosa on the right log is Hoya multiflora which is more of an upright growing hoya, commonly known as the " shooting star" Hoya.
In the centre picture I've wrapped an elkhorn around an 80mm.dia piece of paperbark log and growing epiphyticaly on the top is Hoya serpens and Hoya curtisii.
In the bottom photo on the very top of the elkhorn is Hoya odorata, an upright growing plant more of a shrub than a climber on the left is Hoya obscura which should cascade down from its pocket nicely. In the centre is a small cutting of Hoya lacunosa and a hoya multiflora which I thought I'd lost but is starting to sprout again since I planted it in the elkhorn. Being mostly epiphytes Hoyas don't need a lot of medium thats why it's good to grow some this way. Hopefully I'll post these pics again down the track after we've had some more growth.