Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hoya carnosa on the mountain

We recently bought a little house at Tamborine Mountain which is an hours drive south of Brisbane. Its a retreat we'd like to share with family and friends in the years ahead. To our delight we found this well established Hoya carnosa growing up this large tree fern. It has countless blooms and seems perfectly suited to its host. There are lots of spots where we can grow some of the more cold tolerant Hoyas and we have a greenhouse there to house some of the more tropical ones over winter.


MANUELA said...

Congratulations for the new house Roy, these flowers are a dream for me. I realy, realy... hope show you my first hoya flower next spring.


MANUELA said...

Hi again Roy. I forgot something

Can I put your blog address into my one????

Thank you.

yctan118 said...

Hi Roy,
Wow... I never see such beautiful hoya in-situ before... great find!

Jill Riter said...

this is just beautiful! I hope you have many lovely times with your family and friends in your retreat, by the way!