Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Little epiphyte ball.

This little ball of green goodies started out as one of those cane balls that Ikea used to sell. Its been stuffed with organic matter and wrapped in old elkhorn leaves. I've added little bits of plants to it over time, Elkhorn ferns , Bromeliads, succulents etc. On the large shot you wouldn't be able to spot the small Hoya cuttings, so I've taken a close up. H. serpens. H. curtisii. H. heuschkeliana. It should be interesting once they start to grow.


Sandy said...

Hi Roy,

your epiphyte ball looks very interesting!...never seen anything like that before..i assume your elkhorn fern is similar to the "staghorn fern"?...curtisii should do well in there too...very cool!

christelle said...

HI Roy,
Your hoyas are wonderful. I'd like to have a garden like yours one day with all these magnificent flowers. I've seen you have hoya imperialis, did you manage to make it bloom?

roybe said...

Hello Christelle, thanks for visiting. Actually My H. Imperialis hasnt grown very well for me unfortunately so i might be waiting a while for a flower.
Hi Sandy, Our Staghorn is a much bigger fern the Elkhorn is one that multiplies fairly quickly whereas the staghorn just gets bigger.

Anonymous said...

have you incorporated any of the jungle cactus in the background of the first pic into the epi-ball?