Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New pot trellises

These are a couple of pot trellises I'm trying out. They are certainly not the easiest things to find. On the left is H. sp. 'Tanna Island, it has small shiny green leaves with pink flowers. I'm hoping it flowers this summer. On the right is H. acuta, I'm told there is so many variations on this Hoya, so I don't really know what colour the flower will be. Both plants seem to be twining nicely up the trellises (with a little assistance) but I wouldn't like to try anything too vigorous I don't think. David Liddle kindly gave me a list of smaller growing Hoyas that he thought would suit this type of trellis. Heres the list for anyone who may find it helpful.

H.bilobata H.burtoniae H.camphorifolia H.davidcummingii H.kentiana H.literalis H.loherii
H.memoria H.myrmecopa H.odetteae H.pusilla H. limoniaca H.tsangii H.nabawanensis


Hilary said...

I love those trellises! Maybe I should try and find some before my tsangii/DS-70 starts growing too much? Although, I keep pretending my carnosa will be fine on a trellis like that... I've seen them climbing over greenhouses (eek) so I try and cut mine back whenever it looks like it's trying to break free, along with the publicalyx.

Sandy said...

Roy, the trellises are great...i have the one like yours on the left but have a Krimson princess and another one a pubicalyx spiraling up on them...you have the sturdy pots which will work great..you definately need those or they start to get top heavy when they are wound a lot of times towards the top of the spiral...they make the plant look so intereseting though and a great space saver!.. and the David Liddle list for smaller hoyas is good to know about...