Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hoya bella

This is our first Hoya bella flower. The plant is is the albomarginate form which is very attractive. We also have the varigated form which isn't growing anywhere near as vigorously as this one. I can see why Bella's are such popular Hoya's, it will be quite spectacular when it grows into a large pendulous specimen I'm sure.


Diane said...

Ho Roy,

I haven't had much luck with Bella:-(

I'm sure I will find another to try but the last one really didn't like me! Beautiful photo's like yours inspire me:-)


Danielita said...

These are the links of my Hoya bella plant: , , and Hoya lacunosa:

Anonymous said...

hi, i have a huge hoya bella, maybe 9 years old. i have taken several cuttings frim it, that have taken good. i cant get the mother plant to give off a scent when it blossoms. am i doing something wrong?

Diane said...

Please let me know what type of fertilizer to use for my hoya?

Victoria in Portugal said...

Hello all

I live in Portugal and bought a Hoya bella earlier this year. It is now about one meter long (I prefer it trailing rather than climbing) and it lives in my outdoor living room. I am delighted it is suddenly completely covered with blooms.


As this is my first year with, any advice will be greatly appreciated. With our temps reaching nearly 30c at the moment, I am watering it copiusly on a daily basis.

Thank you.