Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hoya Serpens.

Since we have lived at Tamborine Mountain. we've been unable to grow a lot of the Hoyas we grew outside in Brisbane. So we've taken a leaf out of our European friends book. We have brought into our sunroom (known as a conservatory in England) the species that have suffered in our winter up here. Namely   H.caudata.  H.archiboldiana. H.lacunosa. H.macgillivrayi. H. subquintuplinervis. H. multiflora. H.curtisii. H.Lasiantha.and Hoya serpens.  We had a couple of large glass vases doing nothing. so we have Hoya serpens in each together with various little plants sallagenella and orchids etc. so fingers crossed we'll see how we go.


Tinkerbell said...

Interesting. I love your sunroom, it looks great. How do you water your plant in there? No draining hole, right?

roybe said...

Hi Tinkerbell,
I start off with the potting medium being moist and just use a spray bottle. the glss containers keep the humidity up.