Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A few more Hoyas

We are just into our Winter now in Australia, so our Hoyas are into a period of dormancy and there is no flowers to post at present. The top photo is H. obscura and H. lacunosa growing in terracotta pots. They seem quite happy and healthy and should flower in the Spring. Where possible I've been placing Hoyas at the base of potted Fig trees. The one pictured is a Ficus cultivar called "Sultan" I've placed H. "minibelle" on this one because of the leaf similarity and it's just starting to climb nicely.


AGUTEK said...

Oh my God... Wonderful! I dream about having hoyas outside... It has to be fantastic! Which species is hanging on the left side? Wonderful leaves! Now I have 65 hoya species, but when Now my biggest wish is hoya microphylla.
Actually I love hoya with large leafs and patterns on them.

I'll visit Your blog.


AGUTEK said...

Ohh, I'm so scatterbrained... Hoya obscura of course.

Are You exchanging Yours hoyas? ;D ;>

roybe said...

Thanks for calling in Agnieszka. I've done a little bit of exchange of Hoyas. A nice Hoya with large attractive leaves is Hoya vittellinoides. Thanks for visiting.

Regards Roy.

AGUTEK said...

Hi Roy :)

Today my friend gave me rooted cutting of hoya vittelinoides - I think, that this hoya have wonderful leaves - hard and rough. Like my finlyasonii sp. - I love this kind of leaves.

I'm looking for hoya microphylla and caudata now. What is Your dream, Roy? :)

berna said...

i envy to you, Roy. i wanna have to the other hoyas. but i have just h. carnosa. it's into flover. i so so so happy.

Berna Ceyhan said...

Hi, Roy. I saw your comment in my blog, new more. I'm sorry about it. İf i can find my hoyas picture in my pc, then i will update my blog.. I hope you will have more beautiful hoyas. Nice to talk with you. Have a good day and have a happy new year :) Good bye..

Anonymous said...

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mari said...

Oh my God... Wonderful! I dream having hoyas fantastic!
Now I have hoya carnosa species,
Actually I love hoya , congratulations for your blog.

Marleneann said...

Hello Roy!

I sent sent you an email for a list of your Hoyas for sale.