Sunday, June 01, 2008

A few clinging Hoyas

These are a few hoyas that look quite attractive in a hanging basket cascading out. But as you can see that they will also happily cling and climb given a substrate to attatch themselves to to. In this case the the side of our weatherboard building which faces south. We've found this location ideal to grow a lot of Hoyas because it gets bright light but very little direct sun. From the top, Hoya lacunosa. Hoya obscura. Hoya hueschkeliana. Hoya halophila. and Hoya curtisii.


Ewelina said...

I had the examples of it too. One hoya (can't remember which one it was) was climbing room wall. One would think there is not much to stick to but would be so wrong in case of hoya. The other, curtisii, had a wine growing on window sill, just lying on it, and when I wanted to move it, I had literally break some aerial roots glued to it. I wish I could experiment with those growing habits outside but not a chance here in Canada...

Anonymous said...


I am a potential Hoya novice. Also a Gemini/Monkey. I am going to try interplanting several Hoyas (Australis/Lacunosa/Bella and Serpens in one planter box (23cm wide 23cm deep and 70 cm long). Box is elevated and under roof area outside -Sydney. May not work - but think it is worth a try. Can't find anyone on internet who has tried this - but note you had two varieties in one container

Anonymous said...

Hi Roy
I am editor of subTropical Gardening ( based here in Brissie - wish to speak to you about an artilce on Hoyas... please email

berna said...

Hi Roy,

your hoyas are perfect. i hope they will always be well :) i have a hoya cornasa. im sad because of it's never come into flower. but i beleive. my hoya is nonstop Leaf sticker.i congratulate to you. i'm in turkiye.

berna said...

hi roy, how are you?
i said you my hoyas have not to flowers. but it's have flowers anymore . im so so so happy because of this. i can send its photo if you want. im sorry my bad english. i try to learn. have a good day roy. you are my brother anymore.