Saturday, April 05, 2008

Late summer blooms

From the top. Hoya mindorensis in bud and flowering. I love everything about Hoyas, the leaves, the buds and flowers. Hoya multiflora the flowers on this plant seemed to last for ages.
Hoya padangensis nothing spectacular, but quite attractive poking out of the shadow. Hoya naumanii this is a first time bloomer for us, and possible in our top ten of favourites.


Kia said...

Lovely photos of your hoyas.

Tracy said...

I just love mindorensis, it is just so pretty. Are you at the end of the summer season there? We are just starting Spring here.....thank God!

MANUELA said...

Congratulations Roy. Like always your hoyas are beautiful. These flowers are lovely.

We are now in spring y looks like my hoya chlorantha cutting are flowering. I'm so happy !!!! I hope show you in my blog very soon.

kisses. MANUELA