Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hoya wall

This is the side of our building which faces south. I'm hoping this spot proves to be a good place to grow Hoyas, between the house and the boundary fence is all driveway so being able to utilise the wall is a good option (and a good excuse to grow more Hoyas of course) The eaves of the building protect the plants from direct overhead sun and the house next door being painted white reflects bright indirect light. Towards the end of the day the plants receive about 2hrs late afternoon sun. I'll have to monitor that as we get further into summer but so far so good.
The terracotta pots have a flat back with hole for hanging so I can move plants easily if necessary. So..... we'll see how things go and I'll post another shot of the wall at the end of summer, plus of course anything that flowers along the way.


hills said...

Wow... I wish I had that much space to grow my hoyas in! You just wait til they all start growing.. it may not be so easy to move them when they're all tangled together!
Good luck with the blooms... look forward to seeing them

Sandy said...

I have to agree with Hills, what a great use of space!....i have never seen terracotta pots with flat backs..Keep updating the growth of these, i am interested on how much they grow for you through summer....I am sure you will have blooms on them before you know it.....


roybe said...

Thanks Hills and Sandy, I don't mind too much of a tangled look, I will try and keep it a little under control though. It's all a bit experimental at the moment as the position might suit some more than others.

Jeanette said...

Love how you have used that space for your Hoyas will look nice when they all grow into one another I love the little pink velvet flower of the hoya.
I like sandy never seen pots like that. ill be back to see how there growing

Maggie said...

I'm so yealous of you being able to grow Hoyas outdoors. Also, I have to agree with the previous posters - what a grat use of space.

Marcy said...

Roy..how did you attach the pots to the wall.
I think that is a wonderfull look. I grow a lot of mine outside year round also.

norminbundy said...

Hello Roy
Could You please let Me know where You got Your pots for the hoya wall I live in Bundaberg and have not been able to find them anywhere up here but I am willing to travel to get some.
Thanks Norm.

Sylvinebr said...

Hi Roy,

I see in your blog the picture of the blue wall with hoyas in octobre 2006 ... it's fabulous !!
But you could take a picture now for evolution ?

What do you think about your wall ? It's correct or not for a hoyas expansion ?
I looking a installation system but for indoor ;o) because in Bretagne, France, the temperature is between 0 to 25 °C.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Have a nice day,